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Mass Spectrometry at IMSERC



The Mass Spectrometry Facility supports Northwestern Research by performing both qualitative and quantitative analysis of small molecule, macro-molecules, and mixed mode biopolymeric samples. Examples of application areas are drug discovery, synthetic reaction monitoring, nano-particle characterization, etc. Also, analysis can be with or without chromatographic separation, in low or high resolution. For spatial resolution, imaging by mass spectrometry is also performed on synthetic surfaces, cell culture and tissues on ITO-glass slides. IMSERC staff can assist in three types of operational modes, (1) Open Access - researchers are trained to operate the instruments and make their own measurements, (2) Assisted Open Access - IMSERC staff work cooperatively with a reasearcher to design and carry out experiments, (3) Full Service - IMSERC staff accepts submitted samples / projects and performs method development, validation, and test sample analysis as needed.

Please explore the following sections for more details on Mass Spec operations at IMSERC: