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Policies for the MS lab at IMSERC

Safety Policies

  • Must follow all IMSERC Safety Guidelines
  • No food or drinks allowed in the lab at any time
  • Wear gloves when handling chemicals / samples, but remove them when using any keyboards or when leaving the lab, and dispose them in the solids waste container if they are contaminated
  • Wear eye protection at all times, even if you are just observing
  • Headphones are not allowed in the lab
  • You must successfully complete General Laboratory Safety Trainings in NSIS before you given access to the MS lab for training or regular instrument operation.

Equipment Policies

  • Trainings are provided by IMSERC Staff ONLY. Shadowing another trained user does not count as training.
  • You must complete General Laboratory Safety Trainings in NSIS before you request training.
  • You must have already established your group affiliation and have a valid chart string before a training request is made.
  • If you lend your netID and password to another user (trained or untrained), you will lose all of your IMSERC access
  • Request training through IMSERC.
  • Once trained, you will be given access to the instrument. You can sign up on a first-come first-served basis, up to two weeks in advance, for any instrument through NUCore.
  • Email IMSERC-MS staff directly if you are having issues with either requesting training or reserving instrument time (including scheduling conflicts and priorities).

Data Storage and Processing Policies

  • During your training, you will be shown how to access your data from data backup servers. No thumb drives are allowed on any computer that is connected to an instrument.
  • Web browsing is allowed on instrument PC's only for access to NU websites on their home page. No other web browsing is allowed. If you must use your email or access an un-allowed web page, do it on the log-in PC's in the lab or the IMSERC reception area.
  • You may choose to bring your personal lap-top and use our Free Wi-Fi.