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Lipidomics at IMSERC

IMSERC provides the complete pipeline and expertise for lipidomics profiling

Lipidomics Profiling: identify and semi-quantify lipid species present in biological samples by LC-MS/MS. Lipid identification are based on their MS/MS, which are searched against in-silico databases. Intra-species identification are validated based on their retention times on C18 chromatography.  Lipidomics profiling can also aid in the compound identification when coupled to mass spectrometry imaging workflows that only collect MS1 data.        



(1) Full fee-for-service: Sample preparation (lipid extraction, internal standard incorporation, etc.), and data analysis will be conducted by IMSERC staff.

(2) Assisted/Instrument Rental: Researchers work cooperatively with IMSERC staff. Samples are prepared prior and samples in autosampler vials are delivered to IMSERC ready for analysis. IMSERC staff will start runs and do the data analysis. Reserchers can be trained in data analysis.   

(3) Open Access: Users are trained for Walk-up Operation and consults IMSERC staff for sample preparation considerations. Users are further trained in data analysis workflows as needed.   

*Research collaborations are encouraged  

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