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Crystallographic Services at IMSERC

The Crystallography Facility supports Northwestern's research and external users by performing solid-phase, single-crystal, and powder analyses on a variety of samples such as drug candidates, catalysts, organic or inorganic LEDs, and energy storage networks. IMSERC Crystallography staff provide service work and offer training to qualified researchers to solve their own structures and/or collect their own data.

List of Services


Full structure determination provides atomic coordinates in three-dimensional space that can be used for publication purposes in peer-review journals. Coordinates and other structural metrics will be provided in a Crystallographic Information File (CIF) along with a Crystallographic report which contains refinement details and references.

Steps for Starting Projects

  1. Set up and account in NUcore

    Account request for External User
  2. Submit project request or contact an IMSERC staff member

    Contact an IMSERC Crystallography staff before initial submission to validate that your sample is suitable for crystallographic analysis. If you are not certain about the right service request, please contact us.

    Start new project using form for external users
  3. Ship or drop off samples

    Ship or drop off samples in the Crystallography lab (BG62) in IMSERC. You will typically be contacted within 2 business days with data or to set a schedule with you for analysis. Please wait until you receive confirmation from an IMSERC staff member and shipping address before mailing samples for analysis.