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Residual Solvents by GCMS Headspace


An Agilent GCMSD (low resolution, single quadrupole mass spectrometer) fitted with a Headspace (HS) sampler module is used to perform trace level analysis of residual solvents leftover from the synthesis process or present as impurities or residuals in various sample types. Both polar and non-polar GC columns can be used. While typically a targeted analsysis, unknown compounds in a mixture can be identified using the NIST library of spectra. This instrument is ideal for quantitating known compounds in complex mixtures. The mass range is typically limited to 800 Daltons. For this analysis, a list of desired solvents to be detected is required and approximately 15 mg of sample.

Typical Data

Below is a typical chromatogram from a GCMS HS analysis demonstrating EI fragmentation compound deconvolution results (zoom insert).



  • Determine residual solvents present in a variety of sample types (solids, liquids, materials, etc.)
  • Perform targeted or untargeted headspace analysis.
  • Quantify residual solvents or volatiles present in any of the above.

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