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General News


Remote Offering of LabVIEW Instructional Course Successful

January 15, 2021

Despite having to be held remotely, the two-week introduction to LabVIEW course offered by NU-LED was still a success. This course is offered bi-annually, and typically takes place in a class room setting where students perform exercises on NU-LED                                        provided computers. Due to COVID, the course has to be held remotely, but was still quite popular with more than 30 students                                      attending the last two sessions


NU-LED Supports Professor Kristian Hahn's Collaboration with CERN

December 1, 2020

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is a enormous research organization in France/Switzerland that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.  CERN is a massive collaborative scientific effort for particle physics research, and Professor Kristian Hahn of the department of Physics and Astronomy is one such collaborator.  For several years, NU-LED has assisted Professor Hahn with his CERN research and other projects.


NU-LED Awarded 2020 Core Facility Excellence Award

August 18, 2020

The Northwestern University Laser and Electronics Design Core Facility (NU-LED) has been awarded the 2020 Core Facilities Service Excellence award. This is a NU-wide award provided by the Office for Research, the evaluating body. This award is given annually to recognize exemplary core facilities within the University based on their annual evaluation as well as their national recognition and contributions to scientific breakthroughs.


NU-LED's Recent Offering of Introduction to FPGA Based Design Course

December 19, 2019

In December 2019, NU-LED offered a workshop on Introduction to FPGA (Field programmable gate array) based design. Postdocs and research students from Physics, Chemistry, Neurobiology and Electrical Engineering attended the workshop.                                          Field programmable gate arrays are programmable devices used to implement digital circuits. Complex FPGA based designs can                                combine logic design, microprocessor, signal processing and communication applications into a single device. Fast prototyping                                  and reprogrammability makes FPGAs suitable for research applications.


First Offering of LabVIEW Instructional Course a Big Sucess

October 20, 2019

In October 2019, NU-LED gave its first triannual LabVIEW instructional course: “LabVIEW: An Introductory Course for Research Students.” This two-week course teaches the popular LabVIEW programming environment from the basics up to creating mid-                                    size applications. Upon completion, students are able to create their own programs and should feel comfortable taking the                                          CLAD certification exam offered by National Instruments.