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NU-LED Staff

The best way to initate a job request is to email or phone a staff member to set up an appointment. Walk ins to the shop (Tech NG36) are also welcome, but there is no guarantee that a staff member will be present without making an appointment.  Our services are often required outside of the shop with little to no notice. Check out more detailed information about our current policies.

Dr. Stephen A. Miller

Office: Tech NG36
Phone number: 847-467-7361

For projects related to optics/lasers, equipment automation (e.g. LabVIEW), repairs, general electronics, facility inquiries, and information about the LabVIEW and soldering courses, please contact Stephen directly.

Sheena NM

Office: Tech NG36
Phone number: 847-467-6968

For electronic projects (e.g. FPGA, firmware development, custom PCB design, etc.) and questions about the FPGA course, please contact Sheena directly.