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First Offering of LabVIEW Instructional Course a Big Success!

In October 2019, NU-LED gave it's first triannual LabVIEW instructional course: “LabVIEW: An Introductory Course for Research Students.”  This two-week course teaches the popular LabVIEW programming environment from the basics up to creating mid-size applications.  Upon completion, students are able to create their own programs and should feel comfortable taking the CLAD certification exam offered by National Instruments.

Overall the first course iteration was highly sucessful with extremely positive feedback from students.  If you are intererested in taking this FREE course or any of the other educational courses currently being offered by NU-LED, please see more information about courses and workshops offered by NU-LED . No prior knowledge of LabVIEW is required for the course, and computer hardware with LabVIEW software installed will be provided at no cost.