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Before NMR Training

Follow the instructions at: about getting started to create accounts and obtain access to the labs. How to establish your group affiliation for remote data access is at the end of the video.

Step 1: Get Certified

If you are new to NMR, you are invited to watch this 3-minute Bruker video, which explains so well about NMR chemical shift and multiplet. Before undergoing training, every user must complete a certification test to demonstrate their knowledge of NMR operation and IMSERC policies. We provide a study guide called "NMR Basics" to help you pass this test. BEFORE coming to your first training session, please download the IMSERC NMR Training Fundamentals User Manual and complete the online quiz at: NMRQuiz/multiscreen.html .  Once you pass the quiz, you will receive email confirmation which tells you where/when the regular training sessions are. Then you can let IMSERC staff member know if you are coming to a regular training session or need arrange a different time due to schedule conflict.

Step 2: NMR Training

Liquid NMR

The regular Bruker liquid NMR training session (for access to Ag500, X500, Au400, and A600) is held on Wednesday from 11:00AM to 12:00PM in the room BG75 of TECH. It covers both automation and manual operations. Addtional training session is offered at 11AM Thursday if Wednesday session doesn't fit your schedule. All other trainings (Solids, BioNMR, DOSY, and VT etc) are offered upon request.

You should read the short training manual and extended version before coming to training session. If you need use the new SampleXpress autosampler, please read the detailed instructions . Please email to confirm your attendance. Please bring your completed certification test, and come dressed appropriately for the lab (glasses or safety glasses, etc.). After training session and checking your written test, you will be authorized to use Ag500, X500, Au400, A600, and HFCN600 upon request without further training. If your schedule doesn’t fit our regular training time, you may talk to NMR staff to arrange a special session for you.

Other trainings

All other trainings (Solids, BioNMR, DOSY, and VT etc) are offered upon request. Please see below.

Step 3: Advanced Training (upon request)

I. Variable Temperature NMR operation: Once you’ve been authorized to use the NMR systems, you may wish to conduct NMR experiments with different sample temperatures. IMSERC staff is the ONLY personnel who may train you how to regulate sample temperature – NO LABMATES! To apply, simply reserve your experiment time and coordinate with Yuyang or Yongbo to make sure he is available when you start. This should take only ~15 minutes. VT NMR manual provides all the critical information to properly set up your experiment.

II. DOSY: You can run DOSY experiments on A600, Au400, and HFCN600. The training is available on request. Some manuals are available: Introduction of DOSY , the instruction manual for Topspin .

III. Solids NMR: IMSERC’s 400 MHz Bruker HD Solids NMR spectrometer (Hg400) is powerful and very popular with researchers who work on samples for which dissolution would not be appropriate or possible. It can run many hetero-nuclei, such as C13, Al27, Si29, P31, Sn119, etc. Dr. Yuyang Wu provides training as needed. Please apply for Solids NMR training in NUCore and contact Dr. Wu for availability

IV. HFCN600 NMR: This Bruker NEO 600 MHz NMR spectrometer equipped with quadrupole resonance (QCI-F) CryoProbe is designed for bio-macromolecular and very low concentration 19F samples. It is intended for long term data collection and has the best 1H (S/N=5300:1) and 19F (S/N=7000:1) sensitivity. Please apply for this NMR in NUCore and contact Dr. Yongbo Zhang for training.

V. Data processing and analysis with Mnova: Please refer to Mnova installation instructions to install the program on your computer. Make sure to connect to Northwestern VPN when you work off campus. Following are a training manual for Mnova and a shorter version .

Further Training

We take requests!