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NU-LED COVID-19 Policy

In accordance with the Phased Return to Campus plan and guidance released by the University, NU-LED staff will begin the process of having a greater in-person presence in the facility, starting the first week in June 2020.  In order to accommodate everyone safely in compliance with University, IDPH, and CDC guidelines, the following new facilty rules must be followed:

  1. All wildcard access to the facility has been temporarily revoked. Shop access will therefore be by email appointment only. If staff is on campus at the request time, we will likely be able to give access the same day. If not, an appointment can be made for the following business day during normal working hours.
  2. Per social distancing guidelines, only one user will be allowed in the facility at a given time.
  3. If on a given day campus presence is not necessary, staff will be working remotely from home. Consultation and or requests of project work can always be made through email and or Zoom meetings. For project work in particular, staff will come to campus if required (e.g., instrument repair) although not necessarily on the same day as the request.
  4. Social distancing and PPE requirements are necessary for when working inside the facility and will be strictly enforced. These include:
    • A mask that covers nose, chin, and mouth must be worn at all times. Note that these can be obtained through the Office of Research Safety
    • Gloves will be provided by NU-LED and must be worn when using equipment inside the facility. When finished, please discard the gloves inside the shop before leaving. To avoid contamination, please do not wear outside gloves into the shop.
    • Maintain at least 6 feet from staff members at all times. Also, please stay out of areas of the shop that are marked as “staff only”
    • Tools that are utilized will be disinfected each day by staff. When finished using a tool, please do not return it to the toolbox. Instead, leave it in the designated “tool return area”. Once in the “tool return area”, tools are not to be touched by users. If a particular tool is vital for your work, please ask staff to disinfect it for you.
    • Whenever leaving the shop, please verbally communicate with a staff member your intentions (e.g., coming back shortly or leaving for the day).  If staff is no longer present when you leave, please email them.