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NMR Manuals:

IMSERC NMR User Manuals

IMSERC NMR Training Fundamentals User Manual

IMSERC NMR User Manual

Short Training Manual

Common IconNMR Experiments


Variable Temperature (VT) with BCU II and FTS

T1 Relaxtion Measurement

Kinetics/Reaction Monitoring

Diffusion-Ordered SpectroscopY (DOSY) for Proton

Paramagnetic Susceptibility Measurement with Evans Method

Solids NMR User Manual for Bruker HX 4mm Probe

Multiple-Quantum Magic-Angle Spinning (MQMAS) for Quadrupolar Nuclei in Solids

Heteronuclear Correlation (HETCOR) for Solids

MNOVA Training Manual

Bruker Manuals

For users who want to learn more about Bruker NMR, there are two extremely valuable resources you can enjoy. The first is the large collection of pdf manuals on each instrument, some of most helpful ones are listed in next paragraph. The second is the online eGuide coming with TopSpin. "Bruker Routine Experiments" below is part of it.

1) PDF manuals: TopSpin Acquisiton Reference , TopSpin Processing Reference , DOSY , Variable Temperature , and Solids

2) Bruker Routine Experiments