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Small molecule structure elucidation/verification

Structure elucidation of natural products and unexpected reaction products are routinely carried out in IMSERC. In ~90% pure mixtures, compound structure can be determined with as little as 1 mg material, although ~100 mg of material is ideal for most projects. Structure elucidation projects can be carried out on a fee for service basis or in collaboration with research groups. The Kelleher group example to the right was determined using mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy. Only ~1 mg of sample was used for the NMR experiments. The full details of this project are published in ACS Central Science ( DOI: 10.1021/acscentsci.5b00331 ). Fees for structure elucidation projects are highly dependent on the complexity of the project, so communication with IMSERC staff through out projects is important. Frequently, it will be less expensive to engage IMSERC staff as these scientists are experts in experiment design and data interpretation. Fees for common services can be found here .


IMSERC provides service for small molecule structure elucidation/verification, including natural products.

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