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2D Micro-diffraction


Limited sample size is a common problem in exploratory synthesis or when the yield of a chemical, physical, or mechanical process on a material is very low. Furthermore, micro-sampling on a single specimen of a few millimeters in size can be important for identifying inhomogeneity. Micro-diffraction using focused X-ray radiation down to 100-300 μm can be an extremely useful probe for mapping crystallinity, texture, and homogeneity in samples with small volume (< 1 mm3). Please check out some selected publications resulted by IMSERC users along with the list of other crystallographic services available in IMSERC.

Example of micro-focused 2D diffraction on a sample with an approximate size of 1 mm that contains a mixture of crystalline and amorphous phases


  • Powder X-ray diffraction of very small quantities (< 1 μg)
  • Phase identification in small size samples (< 1 mm)
  • Texture analysis

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Selected Publications

  • Small volume 2D microdiffraction
    Singlet Fission in 9,10-Bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene Thin Films
    Bae, Y. J.; Kang, G.; Malliakas, C. D.; Nelson, J. N.; Zhou, J.; Young, R. M.; Wu, Y. L.; Van Duyne, R. P.; Schatz, G. C.; Wasielewski, M. R. [10.1021/jacs.8b07498]