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Crystals of good quality are essential for structure determination using single crystal diffraction methods. Consequently, choosing the right crystallization method is very important for growing high quality samples. Since crystallization is the first step in the quest of structure elucidation, you have the option as part of the crystallographic structure determination services, to collaborate with IMSERC and apply different methods of crystallization to your compounds.

Alternatively, co-crystallization has brought the possibility to produce pharmaceutical materials by design. In a co-crystallization process, crystallization of a target molecule with a co-crystal might give enhanced properties of a material such as stability under high humidity and at high temperature. Please check out some selected publications resulted by IMSERC users along with the list of other crystallographic services available in IMSERC.

Application of various crystal growth and crystallization techniques might yield in a wide variety of crystal quality


  • Crystallization and/or co-crystallization of new materials
  • Co-crystallization of amorphous materials
  • In-situ monitoring of crystallization processes with increasing temperature

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Selected Publications

  • Crystal growth of various conformations and crystal packing
    A Selective and Brain Penetrant p38alphaMAPK Inhibitor Candidate for Neurologic and Neuropsychiatric Disorders That Attenuates Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Dysfunction
    Roy, S. M.; Minasov, G.; Arancio, O.; Chico, L. W.; Van Eldik, L. J.; Anderson, W. F.; Pelletier, J. C.; Watterson, D. M. [10.1021/acs.jmedchem.9b00058]