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Applications for Targeted Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Studies

The Clinical Pharmacology Core, located within IMSERC, operates a sample preparation lab with biosafety hood, tissue homogenizer, centrifuge, 96 well plate solid phase extraction (SPE) system, SCIEX 6500 with Shimadzu UPLC, and Applied Biosystems API3000 with Agilent 1100 HPLC to enable targeted drug and metabolite studies in plasma and tissue. In addition, IMSERC houses multiple ion trap mass spectrometers, a Bruker Rapiflex MALDI system and Bruker Impact II Q-TOF for unknown metabolite and imaging experiments. CPC can partner with the High Throughput Laboratory for large (>500 sample) studies, the Developmental Therapeutic Core for animal studies, and NUCATS for clinical studies.

Research Projects:

Drug Discovery

CPC supports determination of quantitation of drug stability and metabolic activity in using samples generated within PI labs. Contact a CPC staff member for assistance with setting up human liver microsomal / rat liver microsomal studies as well as CYP450 metabolic assays.

CPC can perform rapid PK analysis in animal models to perform bioavailability of novel compounds. Depending on the experimental setup, multicompartmental modeling can be performed at an additional charge.

CPC can perform tissue analysis to characterize drug penetration into tumor, brain, or other organs.

Pre-Clinical Studies

CPC supports non-GLP studies needed for IND and includes development of assays that can be transferred to GLP labs and generation of pharmacokinetic data from animal models needed to begin clinical trials. Contact Prof. Michael Avram to discuss design of studies and for assistance with grant writing to fund robust studies.

Clinical Trials

CPC supports non-GLP investigator initiated studies. To ensure studies are able to answer the proposed question, CPC strongly recommends that the researcher contact Prof. Michael Avram early in the grant writing process. CPC typically performs GLP-like assay validation and returns sample concentration data to research groups. Groups seeking additional modeling can either include a PK expert in the project or the CPC can provide data modeling by Prof. Michael Avram on a fee-for-service basis.