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Investigator Initiated Clinical and Preclinical IND Studies

Service External Academic Users Commercial Users Notes
New assay development with reproducibility, recovery and linearity validation $10,000 $ 15,000 Assumes 1 analyte + internal standard. Additional charges will be applied for additional compounds if additional development time is required. Submitter to provide compounds.
Reproducibility, recovery and linearity validation for existing assay $3,000 $ 4,000 Fee waived if more than 200 samples are submitted
Duplicate sample analysis (technical replicates) $100 /sample $125 /sample 200 sample minimum or validation surcharge and staff time for reporting will be added.
Data modeling $180 / hr $200 / hr Standard report includes method, validation data and concentrations for each sample. Pharmacokinetic modeling is provided at extra charge. If this is needed, we highly recommend meeting before the study has been designed to ensure that sampling plan is sufficient to meet experimental goals.

Rapid PK, Stability and Metabolic Studies

Nonstandard projects will be charged based on daily rate for equipment rental, staff and consumables.
Service External Academic Users Commercial Users Notes
Rapid PK testing (new assay) $2,880 $4,000 Assumes liquid-liquid extraction. Cal curve generated from 1 ng/mL to 1,000 ng/mL plasma. Samples will be run if linear range is two orders of magnitude and LLOQ is greater then 20 ng/mL. Data released if pre vs. post run calibration agrees within 25%. SPE extraction requires customer approval and 30% surcharge. Maximum number of samples is 30 samples (techinical replicates generated if sufficient sample provided). Tissue extraction can be performed using same chromatographic conditions with per injection charge added over 30 samples (two calibration points counted as one sample). Submitter must provide neat sample for calibration curve. Stable isotope labeled analyte preferred as internal standard, but CPC can provide alternate compounds.
Rapid PK testing (existing assay) $100/ sample $150/ sample Calibration will be charged as 5 samples in addition to submitted samples. If a project is split into two submissions, charges will be applied in the way that is most beneficial to the submitter (e.g., new assay with 10 samples followed with later 30 sample submission will result in new assay charge for first submission followed by 15 sample charge for the second submission).
Human microsomal stability / Rodent microsomal stability $1,050 $1,425 Submitter to generate samples. Charge based on one day instrument rental, liquid extraction and five hours staff time.

SCIEX 6500 Usage

Service External Academic Users Commercial Users
Daily Usage $650 / day $850 / day
Hourly Usage (Development) $67 / hr (3 hr minimum) $109 / hr (3 hr minimum)
Staff Assisted Surcharge $80 / hr $115 / hr
Sample Return Shipping Costs Shipping Costs